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What is the cultural caravan?

Founded during the Covid-19 pandemic to revive cultural and economic life in Boulder County, the Cultural Caravan is a 501(c)3 nonprofit bringing together locally-owned businesses, social-service nonprofits, municipal organizations, and local artists to make Boulder more vibrant, inclusive, culturally active, and economically vital by presenting low-cost (often free) concerts in mainstream and offbeat venues throughout the county.

Since the spring of 2021, we've presented over 80 events in more than 40 venues across Boulder County. We've featured more than 70 performing artists in the process, paying them fees respectful of their talent and time; collaborated with and driven support for more than 60 local business and community organizations; forged lasting relationships with social-service nonprofits and municipal organizations; and reinvested more than $250,000 into the community.

Our Mission

The Cultural Caravan seeks to prove culture as a powerful agent of change within our community by operating at the intersection of small businesses, social-service nonprofits, municipal organizations, and local arts to present world-class performers in low-cost or free events in mainstream and offbeat venues, and to include a wide diversity of voices in the process.

who is our audience?

In a word, you!

The Cultural Caravan is rich with a wide diversity of voices. Our artists’ influences span South American, African, American folk, jazz, pop, and Classical genres, and more. We aim to reflect that diversity in our audiences as well.

One of the Cultural Caravan’s primary goals is to expand Boulder’s passionate arts audience to include minority and disadvantaged communities in mainstream cultural spaces throughout Boulder. By performing in every municipality across the county, we reach our neighbors who live outside of central Boulder.


Thanks to donor support and grant funding, our events are inexpensive and often free, keeping the barrier of entry to our events as low as possible.

Support the Caravan Today!

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